The Reward of Patiennce

Halima Hussain Sayed
Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Patience is very important in life. Having patience makes us strong and being kind to humanity.

so, I want to share a story of two boys who were studying in same school and same class.

one boy name was Vicky and the other was Blake.

Blake was a very innocent, calm and intelligent. he had a sister named Amara and father mother in his family,

while Vicky was very mischievous, short tempered and full of anger every time, his family consist of two brothers two sisters and father mother.

As I said that Vicky and Blake were in same class as usual Vicky was in anger, so he troubles every student in class but specially targeting Blake, because Blake had patience, never says anything back to Vicky. Since Blake knows that one day, he will get the reward of his patience.

Vicky irritated so much so that Blake should leave the school just because every teacher and student liked Blake's innocence and intelligent.

one day, suddenly principle entered in class he saw Vicky throwing paper planes in the class and throwing notebooks down and he was sitting on teacher's chair acting as a teacher.

Principle took an action and suspended Vicky from the school then principle wanted to investigate the behaviour of other students in that class everybody was telling good about Blake and also teacher was happy with Blake. knowing all the good qualities of Blake principle made him captain of the school.

Blake was very happy and thought "is this the reward of my patience"

I will share my patience experience during CORONA like others. I was alone with my family, and I was not going anywhere out it was very much boring at home for such a long time, and my parents always tell me be in patience you will get reward in right time, finally, after everything was normal then my parents gave me, surprise taking me out of country for holiday to favourite destination. And i was very happy and realize that patience always gives us reward

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