Risala Study Circle Global Summit Concludes New office bearers elected

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Global Summit 2022 of Risala Study Circle concluded in Abu Dhabi. The summit noted that governments and the community, including expatriates, should analyse and exploit the educational and development potential resulting from the migration of youth and students from India. The Summit formulated schemes for utilizing and promoting skilled youth resources in the field of social development. The new Global Committee for the year 2023-24 was announced at the function by the Gen. Secretary of Kerala Muslim Jamaath Syed Ibrahimul Khaleel Bukhari. Kerala Muslim Jamaath State secretary Majeed Kakkad, SYS state secretary M Muhammed Sadiq, ICF Kuwait Gen Secretary Abdulla Vadakara, SSF state Gen. Secretary C N Jafar, SSF India secretary Zuhairuddin Noorani, ICF national president Basveer Saqafi, Gen Sena Secretary Hamid Parappa, Usman Saqafi Thiruvathra, Ashraf Manna, Abdul Latheef Haji Mattool, Ali Akbar, Abdul Hakeem Andathode, Abdul Rahman Saqafi Chemprassery, Siraj Mattil, Zakariya Shamil Irfani and Habib Mattool also spoke at the function. 2024 Global Summit of RSC would be hosted by Saudi East.

The two-day summit witnessed studies and discussions on various topics such as youth mission, social reform, education, migration, development of Kerala, politics and voluntary service. The RSC which completes 30 years since its formation has organised the global summit to mark the culmination of its membership and reorganisation process. More than 150 delegates from 12 countries participated in the event. The new office-bearers are: Zakariya Shamil Irfani (Chairman), Habib Mattool (Gen. Sec.), Moideen Iringalloor (Ex. Sec.), Cluster First and Prime Secretaries: Nishad Ahsani, Umarali Kottakkal (Organization), Noufal Kulathoor, Sajjad Meenchantha (Finance), Hameed Saqafi Pullara, Sadiq Chaliyar(Media), Saleem Pattuvam, Mustafa Koodalloor (Kalalayam), Kabir Chelari, Shameer PT (Wisdom), Ansar Kottukadu and Noufal Ernakulam (GD).


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