Experiencing the World cup 2022 in Qatar

Reona Gonsalves
Wednesday, January 4, 2023

“The Fifa world cup brings people together from all walks of life. It mirrors the fight of life.”

The Fifa world cup held in Qatar 2022 was an astonishing success. The world cup held once in four years, saw grand success bringing people all over the world together to celebrate the joys of football. For the first time the event was held in a Middle East Country, Qatar and I was very lucky to get the chance to experience such an amazing encounter.

We landed on 5th December at around noon in Hamad International Airport, Doha. From there we took a bus which was free to the Haaya card holders to our hotel, The MSC world, a cruise ship that was anchored to the port temporarily while Qatar was hosting the world cup. We then went to explore the place and watched the Brazil vs Korea Republic match on the big screen on the ship.

The next day we had a good breakfast and set out to explore a few places before making our way to the Education City Stadium to watch the exciting Spain vs Morocco game. We took the tram which connected all of the eight stadiums and important landmarks to Qatar National Library, part of Education city and close to the Stadium.

There were rows and rows of fascinating book and we stayed around the library for a while before heading out to the stadium. At around 2:30 we reached the stadium and then went to the storage section to keep all our belongings. At 3:00, the stadium opened and we were allowed to go inside. Seeing the big stadium with all the fans was what really put us into the mood. At around 5:30 they started the introductions of the players as well as the practice. At 5:45 they begn the national anthems and the flag ceremony. The game began at 6:00, Morocco and Spain fans cheering, all 44,667 people excited and ready for the game to begin. During Halftime we had a light show and people were asked to put on their phone flashlights for the experience. 90 minutes over yet still a strong game. Extra time was played and yet still no goals. At last, it all came down to penalties where Morocco scored 3 penalties and Spain scored nil. A loud cheer from all the Morocco fans and it didn’t stop until Midnight as Moroccans were proud their team won.

The next day, we had a filled Breakfast and checked out for our time in Qatar was coming to an end.

Just saying I enjoyed the experience would be an understatement for that was the most thrilling, fun and adrenaline-charged experience.

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