GCC citizens, residents allowed to enter Qatar without Hayya Card

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

GCC citizens and residents would be allowed to enter Qatar without the need to register for the Hayya card, said the Qatari Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

The Ministry, in a statement carried by the Qatar News Agency, said this Gulf citizens and residents coming to Qatar from all border points would be allowed into the country without registering for digital Hayya cards.

However, the card, along with the ticket, was required to attend World Cup matches, affirmed the ministry.

Those arriving in Qatar via land and are eager to use public buses to reach their destinations are welcomed to do so, indicated the ministry, noting that parking for vehicles at border points would be provided without fees.

It went on to say that GCC citizens and residents eager to enter the country using their private vehicles would be allowed on December eight; however, they must register on the Interior Ministry's website 12 hours prior to their arrival without the need to pay fees.

The statement affirmed that these measures were taken to allow people in the region to enjoy the festivities related to the World Cup and fan areas, but those wanting to attend matches must have the card to attend matches.


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