The last warm air of winter

Ayman Muhammed
Tuesday, December 6, 2022

As she walks down the streets of Leeds
Her blonde hair sways in the wind,
The carriages battle against the tough road
And the cold and misty wind touches,
Her smooth, silky skin with a slight shiver.

She walks with soft and frozen steps,
As she quivers under the damp foggy weather
As her cold breaths slowly fades away
She sees something faraway.

And as the frosty breeze blew,
There behold - lord blue
The greatest of the greatest
His mighty chariot, of gold and silver,
Shines in the wintry air like the sun.

As he steps out, he spots the maiden
Her slight smile, and glossy face,
Glitters in the darkening grey sky
And her long beautiful hair ,
Touches his heart with awe.

And then, with blink of an eye, she faints,
And there runs the crowd
To save that fair maiden
The cold breeze slowly turns its icy face
And unleashes its torment.

The people run hither and thither ,
But not for the lord, he
With his sturdy and strong steps
Approaches the lifeless lady .

He walks on and on
Battling against the biting gale,
And lo behold he falls
His knees submerge in the snow .

His frozen face breaths out
The last warm air of that winter,
And as the wind calms down
There in the white blanket lies
Two unstinting hearts.

Ayman Muhammed
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