Strict restrictions for delivery companies to add new vehicles

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

The Ministry of Interior suspended issuing new vehicles license for delivery companies. "The issuance of new licenses for motorized vehicles to companies and institutions that practice or desire to engage in providing logistics services, deliver consumer orders or transport goods shall be suspended. It is permissible for companies and establishments that currently carry out these activities to replace vehicles that are out of service with new ones," local daily Kuwait Times reported quoting sources.

The companies, which already received this approval earlier, can add new vehicles if the establishment have at least one branch in a location that does not obstruct traffic. The company also must have at least one of the following vehicles: One private car and five light transport vehicles (under two tons) or six motorbikes and one private car or one light transport vehicle. In all cases, the total number of the aforementioned vehicles must not exceed 90 in order to be approved, report said.

The vehicles must not be more than three years old when registering and should go out of service seven years after their year of manufacture, it added.


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