Career Mapped Aptitude Test and Counselling for Indian Students in Kuwait

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

For the first time in Kuwait, a Career Mapped Aptitude Test and Counselling, to discover your personality strengths will be held at the Higher Education Fair organised by ICSK together with

The Career Mapped Aptitude Test and Counselling will helps you determine your career and strengths with the top-Rated & trusted Career Counsellor Mr. Sajith Thomas B Tech, MBA (U.K), MCIPD (U.K)

Mr. Sajith Thomas is one of the most successful Career Guru and Educational Expert. He has been actively addressing the people via leading news media in India and All India Radio on various topics related to higher education and career development.

He is an accredited Career Coach with International Association of Professional Career Coaches USA. He is also a leading Educational Business Consultant who helps colleges, universities and schools to create strategies to become a successful educational institution.

"Choosing a career is not about finding the BEST Career. It’s actually understanding your right choices, which will steer your life to success & happiness," Mr. Sajith Thomas said.

The main objectives of Career Mapped Aptitude Test and Counselling is to help the students from 9th standard onwards to understand their most suitable career / job options through our Career Assessment Test, Identify suitable higher educational depending on the student’s educational capabilities, Make students & their Parents realise the various career opportunities and higher educational opportunities that are available, along with different state, national and international scholarships, To give personalised help from an experienced career counsellor and to Goal setting & motivation for students on their future careers and higher education.

The career assessment test uses 3-Dimensional Career Assessment Test to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation technology to create the accurate assessment. This will be followed by a personalised face to face session with an expert career counsellor for the student and parents

The session will be held as part of the Higher Education fair, which will be held at Indian Community School Senior on December 9th and 10th. Students can reserve their session by registering their details at


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