An awareness session on Adolescent Issues and Challenges at Bhavans SIS

Thursday, November 17, 2022

“Any change, even a change for the better, is accompanied by discomfort. Yet, from discomfort comes pain, from pain comes courage, from courage comes hope, and from hope, a strength to carry on.”

Bhavans Smart Indian School Kuwait organised an awareness program for the students of Grades 6-12 on the topic of Adolescent Issues & Challenges on the 15th of November 2022 between 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at SIS auditorium. The session was led by an expert speaker Dr. Syed M Rahman, Consultant & Clinical Tutor at KIMS, Farwaniya Hospital.

The session commenced with a welcome note by Neha a grade 12 student who introduced the speaker to the young minds. Dr. Syed then began his talk, starting with personal hygiene further touching on many related branch points, such as the ever-confusing hormonal changes, controlling of volatile and intensely expressive emotions of love, lust, and hatred, and ironically touching on the topic of good and bad touches. He also spoke at length about the ill - intentioned influences of mobile phones and the internet, making sure that the young listeners of the audience knew of the habits that have imprisoned and stunted them, urging them to see the light in both a figurative and literal sense. He also empathized with his audience, showing them the keys to a healthy relationship, fueled by rationality and respect instead of hormones.

At the end of the talk, a question-and-answer session was held, and a seemingly infinite number of students lined up to get their questions answered by the speaker. In turn, the speaker patiently and calmly answered the questions to the best of his ability, promising that in the event of dissatisfaction of or inability to answer the question given, the students could reach him through his email. A memento was provided to Dr. Syed in an attempt of repayment for his valuable time and effort put into the presentation, on behalf of the School’s Chairman Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Supervisor Ms. Rajni Menon, Ms. Albin Daisy, Vice Principal did the honors in the presence of the Senior Academic Coordinator Mr. Santhosh Chungath and the School Counselor Ms. Anju Jacob. The session concluded with a thankful note by Abdul Hadi of grade 12. The event, suffice to say, was a success. Thus, the event was wrapped up, as students regain hope and vigor to live their ever-changing lives in this ever-changing world.


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