The Beam within the Darkness

Gayathri Saju
Thursday, November 10, 2022

There came the days,
Where ecstasy and joy is pushed back by sorrow and guilt.
Immersed in these dark dense fogs,
I was totally baffled and puzzled
By the appalling sight I saw.

Engulfed by fear and depression
I walked desperately through the foggy labyrinth
Trying out to pave a route
Through the pitch darkness

The labyrinth seemed to be cataclysmic
That now,
I was like a trapped mouse
In a boundless burrow.

Wearing the blanket of death around me
I walked further
With a compulsive will to start
A new, fresh beginning.

To my astonishment,
A beam of light stroke
Through the dense essence of darkness
Directing me on to my path
With ease and normality.

I reached my destination
And with hopes stirred high,
I experienced a fresh start
Hoping to face the darkest of times
With power, aspirations and tenacity.

Thank You!

Gayathri Saju
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