There is much more to explore in India; this NRI from Kuwait shows the way

IIK Staff Reporter
Wednesday, November 9, 2022

“Yatra” is an eternal and blissful experience. Who doesn’t like to travel places and explore the experiences? But what about we NRIs? within our short annual vacation every year, we give preference to various family commitments rather than exploring places. Yes, we do make a short family trip during our vacation to the nearest touristic attraction. Many prefer to choose some foreign destinations such as Dubai, Turkey etc. But here is one NRI from Kuwait who show us the different route!

Here is Mr Radhakrishnan from Kuwait, who took a different route in his two wheeler to explore India with his wife during his annual vacation!

He spends almost 42 days of his annual vacation on a Kerala to Kashmir road trip on his Royal Enfield Classic 350 with his wife. "After all we are living here for long and saving money, we should not forget our life and some quality time for our own," Mr Radhakrishnan said.

We had travelled to many tourist places near my native place along with my parents, kids, family members etc., in a car. But when we are travelling in a car, we usually close the windows, on the ac, and either talk to yourself or the companion may sleep or take rest. We are not experiencing the nature, the routes in its own. That made me to think about travelling in a two wheeler, Radhakrishnan said.

Radhakrishnan, who is working with Australian University in Kuwait at their Aviation department planned meticulously and bought a new Royal Enfield Classic six months before his scheduled trip. "I discussed about the trip only with my wife and children. Last minute I shared the details with my friends and they all were very supportive and encouraged us.

He identified and planned his routes, researched about places, food, stay and people with the help of Google two to three months before the trip. He got two-months vacation from his company and started his trip on June 23rd this year. Covering Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra, he found the roads across India excellent and never faced any issues with the road conditions. "I prefer to enjoy the villages more than the city as in City, we always end up with traffic congestion," he said.

When we talk about India tourism, we always end up with Taj Mahal or Kutub Minar, but this trip taught me that there is a much bigger picture within our India. I was able to visit many of the unexplored historical places in our country, which are unbelievable. "Rani Ki Vav" in Gujarat is one of the most admirable places I visited during this trip. This astoundingly beautiful step-well on the banks of the Saraswati River made in the form of an inverted temple is the finest and one of the largest examples of its kind. When you visit places like 'Statue of Unity', etc you will realize how the country is developing with the advent of tourism and how the villages across our country are benefitted.

Rajasthan was another amazing experience, but the hot weather during our trip made us to cut short some places in Rajasthan. When we enter Punjab, Jammu etc, you will feel a different emotion with your experience with our military people. The flag ceremony at Wagah border is one of the must visit for every Indian, he said.

Radhakrishnan did not face any trouble in two wheeler driving. He covered almost 10,200 kilo meter in this 42 days. Thankfully the roads were excellent except in the Kashmir, Leh, Ladak etc where there is no road at all in some of the peak passes. Riding my bullet at the highest peak, and last village of India was a great thrilling experience. All this happened only because of the full support given by my wife, he gave the full credit to his wife, who stood behind him like a pillar during this 42 days ride.
The ride was easy and comfortable if you wear the proper kit. We both were using full shield helmet, glows and riding jacket. With this you won’t feel tiring, Radhakrishnan said.

Initially we planned our stay by pre-booking via some mobile apps, but later we realized that it won’t work as the rates are high in some places and also we cannot exactly predict where we are going to halt for the day. So we decided to find our stays by our own once we reach some major towns, he explained. With this approach, the couple was able to get a decent stay anywhere between 1,000 to 1,950 rupee. And for food, they mostly depended on small local restaurants. Mostly we preferred light vegetarian food and fruits, with plenty of water, which made our ride easy. First thing we do after reaching the hotel is to wash our dress and keep it for drying so that the next day morning our dresses will be ready, he said. Early morning drive is the best option as they leave hotel everyday by 5:30 or 6:00 am targeting their next location. He was able to cover the whole trip of 42 days including petrol cost and bike service for around 1,85,000 Rupee.

Leh, Ladakh, etc were the most challenging experience. The drive is unbelievable. No motorable roads in some places. On one side it’s a deep valley. In addition to it, low level of oxygen, which makes the vehicle very difficult to move. "But we forget all our troubles when we see our soldiers guarding our motherland in those extreme conditions there," he said.

From Ladak, he took the route to Kedarnath, Badrinath in Uttarakhand after visiting Kulu and Manal in Himachal. That was again a challenging ride. Coupled with rain, landslide on the route, we witnessed everything in these 42 days, Radhakrishnan recollected. Kedarnath and Badrinath were the only places the couple couldn’t cover in their bullet as the roads didn’t allow them to ride. They hired local transport to these places. He recollects how he returned at night 10:00 pm seating on the top of a pickup van in heavy rain enroute from Kedarnath to the city hotel.

After visiting Delhi and Taj mahal, the couple travelled back to Madhyapradesh, Ajantha and Ellora caves. The Delhi - Agra road is one of the finest roads to travel in India, he recollects. Some of the historical places are really amazing that you wonder how it was built years back when there were no advanced machines or computers existed. "India is very huge and you don’t need to visit any foreign destinations." What are you looking for? High-rise buildings and nightlife? Calm and quite hill stations? Beautiful valleys, deserts, mountains, historical places or beaches? We have all these across the breadth and length of our country, says Radhakrishnan. The couple returned to Kerala via Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty where you can enjoy the glory of south India.

Radhakrishnan with his family (All India trip was only with his wife)

"India is not just Taj Mahal and Ooty, there is a plenty of places which you will be mesmerized to see," said Radhakrishnan. While we mechanically run our daily life here in Kuwait, thinking about future and settling back in India, we really are losing our life. What I suggest my friends is that while securing our future and the future of our kids, we are forgetting to live our life today. So take a break and explore our own India. It is very vast and huge. Another interesting fact is that many of the unexplored places are featured in our new currency notes. At least try to explore one state at a time, there is a lot to see, Mr Radhakrishnan who inspires all of us with his adventurous ride.


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