Nishitha Ann John
Wednesday, November 2, 2022

The feeling starts from a corner, it makes space as you allow it to take over until you are into it as a whole. A day without challenges is much like a day where we don’t get to express ourselves. At times, when we express our views, we might get degraded. The next step might be to hide, stay quiet or stay away for a few days. If it’s not feasible to stay away, you avoid people.

It is no surprise for a person to write an article like this when World Mental Health Day is around the corner. Yet, it does become the elephant in the room when we try to escape from ourselves, from someone or something…

There would be many problems or qualities you hate within yourself. The marathon to escape from yourself is endless at times. Time is what you need and you need to take it but hiding forever is a big no-no. The moment we run from reality without a full stop is when we start loosing. Hiding may seem like a safe option but how long will you run?

Cry, explode, stand, sleep but be hopeful too. Don’t be scared to express yourself when you are alone. Allow yourself enough time to retrospect by introspecting yourself. In fact, it should be a time-to-time process which shouldn’t just take over only when you are depressed or sad. Allowing your emotions to accumulate over time just destroys you from the inside, creating a melancholy that is difficult to overcome. It might overwhelm you to an extent that you can’t get up to a new day in its freshness.

Sometimes, there is so much in our heads that we fear and prepare for the worst. What follows is the anticipation for the worst to knock on your door which will make you more restless and helpless. The fear will start haunting you and hunting you down when you allow it to get into your head.

Remember that you are the master of your mind for the factor of perceptions. At times, even though we do not lend our ears completely, we accept their perception into a corner and ponder over it in uncertain times. Response to the final result might or might not be in our favour. But think about it, the final decision shouldn’t compromise your happiness which might turn into guilt and blame after a few years.

‘You are the sum total of your decisions but the last decision you took shouldn’t define you’ – Alex Parrish, Quantico

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