The Festival of Lights

Malavika Vinod, IIK Young Reporter
Thursday, October 20, 2022

Diwaliii!!! Our favourite festival… Ohh, the taste of sweet laddus and jalebis made by the hands of our grannies and the scene where a hundred diyas light up our entire neighbourhood! We’ll just be like…Wow!

Diwali is one of the best Indian festivals. (Especially the part where you get to sneak up behind the ladies in the kitchen and pop a few goodies into your eager mouth!) Its beautiful, tranquil and features the highlights of our culture better than any other festival. All around the country, people celebrate this festival with pomp and splendor.

Differently coloured and designed kolams decorate the front step of every house. These designs are said to capture the evil spirits floating around the house and promote positive thinking. (At least no Annabellas to ruin our Diwali) The more complicated the rangoli, the less evil spirits around.

Small clay lamps, called diyas signify the triumph of good over evil. Sumptuous feasts are made and homes are filled with family and friends, laughter and merry chatter ringing in our ears.

But according to me, the best part of Diwali are the crackers. Ohh, the merry popping sounds and the sparks that shoot up to the sky are amazing to watch. But among that all, being with our family and rejoicing in our hearts is most important. Watching the laughter in our friend’s eyes and their rections while unwrapping presents matter most to us. Diwali is simpl the best opportunity to turn a new leaf and start a new life. After a few weeks of exams and high tension, Diwali is always welcomed in our hearts with relief and joy.

According to legend, Diwali celebrated the victory of good over evil. What better way to celebrate the sweetness of winning than with dessert. Many types of sweets are made during Diwali, delicious aromas wafting in and out every house in the street. Finally, after all celebrations the leftover sweets are eventually handed over to the kids (Abracadabra! They work their magic on the sweets.) and there, we have reached the end of the story about sweets, because, the kids won’t spare us one!

So,that’s the spirit of Diwali,the sum of Diyas,Lanterns,Rangolis and Sweets.

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