A visit to Shuwaikh Port Welcoming the INS Tir and INS Sujata

Malavika Vinod
Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Thinking of it, my life has suddenly become super exciting over the past few weeks. My teachers selected me as flagbearer for the International KITCO Quiz and our proud team came back with the First Prize, my school’s Arts Fest which was terribly exciting with dozens of rehearsals (and missing classes), and a trip which stands out among all, a journey to welcome the Indian Naval ships which arrived in Kuwait. Well, if u feel like you really need to know more about this, c’mon!

It was the third of October, a warm sunny afternoon. I was tired after a hard day of school and was relaxing on my bed, a really good book in my hand (Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella Note: veeeery good book series) and an apple smoothie by my side. Suddenly my phone rang (Shape of You ringtone!) and I saw my teacher’s caller ID.
I answered.

“Good afternoon Malavika, I just wanted to inform you that 18 students are needed from our school by the Indian Embassy to welcome the Indian Naval ships which are going to dock here first thing tomorrow. We have decided to send the quiz team along so you are selected. Pleases report to the school at 7.00 tomorrow and transport will be provided from there. Hope you are OK with this.”

Actually…I was amazed. I had just been complaining to my Mom about me really wanting to visit these ships and the registration already being full. So of course I agreed and sent the needed information. OMG, wasn’t I excited!!!


I woke up, my eyes drooping. Ohh, I just wanted to go back to sleep. It was early in the morning, 5.30, the timing I wake up at on school days. I slowly dragged myself out of bed and recollected my memories of tests, revision, homework, activities, notes and everything else. Today was gonna be…AWESOME!!! I just remembered that I was gonna visit the Naval ships today and also am going to skip all this stuff!!! Woohoo!!! I brushed my teeth, washed my face and skipped along to the kitchen. After having my usual morning tea, I went along to dress up. Oh yeah, I put on my tie (the thing that always irritates me) smiling from ear to ear. This was very good! Plus the fact that I had to wear my blazer today (which makes me look extra smart) which I simply loved!

I reached school, informed my friends that I wouldn’t be able to accompany them today and ran off to the entrance where they told me to wait. There I met my companions for the day, the quiz team members, and stood there, sweating, for a very long time. (I mean veeery long time) Anyway, the bus finally arrived, we all got our seats and then we waited for the driver. I basically was about to evaporate! Finally, he came, turned on the AC for us and PHEW!!!!

It was a long journey, and was very jumpy and fun. We played trivia, song quizzes, and asked the hardest GK questions that anyone could ever find in this whole wide planet Earth (That’s a long phrase) showing off our knowledge and expertise in the world of Quizland!

Finally we reached there, and we all jumped off the bus. The Embassy folk gave us the little flags that were very majestic and made us stand in a line to welcome the ships. It was very sunny and we were all bathing in sweat, especially with the blazers, but that proved we were true and proud Indians, respecting our nation and welcoming our fellow citizens even when we were suffering in the heat. But still, no matter how weary we felt, when I saw the pics and vids of us I had to admit, we all looked like real professionals! (So mature and responsible!) After the ship had finally stopped rocking like in a storm and was still enough, they put up a ladder and invited us on board. We first got on the INS Tir and took photos with the officials. WE explored the deck but were not able to get inside the cabins or stuff. They also gave us iced water and gave us some shade to stand in (Soo kind!!) and gave us the chance to stand there a little longer. After that, we got onto the INS Sujata. Actually, I really loved that ship. First we took photos with the crew and Sub Lieutenant Chavi Shukla was the one who gave us a detailed tour of the ship. At first they showed the guns and massive weapons of the ship and how and when they were operated. Then they took us to the bridge and showed us how the radio signals were emitted and how the bridge was used for all communication throughout the ship. They also showed us their classrooms and gave us snacks from their cafeteria. Then, they also gave us some cool paper caps that helped us against the sun. Altogether, it was super fun. I just loved the visit!

Anyway, after that, we all said thank you to the crew and got back to our bus. Our water bottles were graciously taken from their resting places and very much appreciated for the cold water they were holding. I must say, that was an extraordinary hot temperature experienced that day.

On the way back, we all discussed how much we loved the visit and rated it out of five stars. I gave it a four and a half, the negative marking owing to the heat and uncomfortableness that we experienced due to it. Anyway, when we reached back to the school, it was already the mid of the sixth period. We had missed so much! From there, we parted ways and headed towards our respective classes.

Anyway, that was the best visit in my life. Well now you know about it too. Don’t blab too much to your friends and change the details, because this trip is very special to me. So…what are you waiting for? Byee!!!

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