AMU Old Boys’ Association Kuwait chapter celebrated Annual Sports day

Thursday, September 29, 2022

On 23rd Sept. 2022 (Friday), AMUOBA Kuwait chapter celebrated its Annual Sports Day at SIMS Kuwait.

Every year AMUOBA organizes sports day to keep the sportsman spirit of the association alive, get some time off from their daily routine. Such event give opportunity to the alumni of the association to play as well as to meet each other.

Along with making them fit and healthy, sports develop several skills, through sports they learn the value of discipline and team spirit.
Not only children but their parents also took part in the sports day enthusiastically. People wait throughout the year for this day.

This year AMUOBA organised annual sports day on 23rd Sept. 2022. Dr. Anis Ahmad (Director- SIMS) and an Alumnus of AMU extended his support and provided school premises to organise the event. We are wholeheartedly grateful to him for his kind support.
The function started at 3:00 pm with the welcome note by President -Mr. Aslam Parvez followed by inaugural speech by Dr. Anis Ahmad, he announces the sports day open and wishes all the participants good luck.

There were several sports events organized like football, badminton, Table Tennis, carrom, chess and running race.
The program was organised in such a way that everyone could take part irrespective of their age and gender. It was organized in an orderly manner every game has it’s coordinator and the referees were invited from outside the association in order to have an unbiased and fair decision.
There were several rounds happened in each game to get to the first place.

Refreshments and at the end Dinner was arranged by the Executive Committee of the Association. The program was efficiently conducted by the team members of AMUOBA along with the volunteers from within the association and outside.
President Mr. Aslam Parvez along with his team took the task of conducting various games in one day. For this efforts of his team and the coordinator of each game is commendable.

All the coordinators Mr . Adil Sareer and Mr. Yusuf Abdullah (badminton), Mr. Ahmed Imroz Khan and Mr. Asif (football), Mr. Taqui Hasan, Mr. Shahid Kalam (carrom, table tennis and chess), Kashif Husain (Race) performed their duties efficiently although the task was challenging as there were multiple entries for each category by the participant. All the office bearers of the association were also helping them.
Besides this many people came forward in helping in out the office bearers like Mr. Tariq Waseem, Mr. Sabihuddin & Mr. Mohammad Maseehuddin, Mr. Faraz, Mr. Asim & others.
We are grateful to Mr. Pradeep & Mr. Dhiraj referees for badminton & Mr. Saifullah referee for football for their efforts, dedication and unbiased decision.


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