The Importance of Music

Ruhaanee Singh
Thursday, September 29, 2022

What I appreciate about music is that it relieves stress and helps us to regain energy. It also soothes our ears and brain. My favourite type of music is pop or EDM. My least favourite type of music is slow music. Even though it soothes our ears, yet I feel bored after listening to it. Pop music on the other hand gives me a lot of energy and in some or the other way I start singing for hours and hours. In life, music has given me a lot of opportunities to perform in front of the audience in the school as well as parties. Music plays a significant role across the world because it’s diverse. One of them is classical music which is also a part of a specific folk dance. To conclude I would like to say, music gives us a lot of chances to be successful in the future.

Ruhaane Singh
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