Kerala a piece of Paradise

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram and its official language is Malayalam. Kerala has unique geographical features which made it one of the best destinations for tourists. It is situated on the south-western coast of India. It is known for its enchanting art forms and magical festivals. Historic and cultural monuments are also well known here.

My family and I visited Kerala 4 years ago. Our journey was from Kuwait to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Kerala. I remembered it was heavy rain in Mumbai and we could not even reach Mumbai station, but in Mumbai nothing is impossible .We had been invited by my father’s best friend for his younger sister’s wedding. They had booked a lavish hotel for us. Hotel was next to a complex mall. The hotel’s lobby was superb with lots of flowers and decorations. It was near to a market place and the environment was full of greenery lot of coconut trees and medicinal trees etc. After our journey we rested in a hotel and at night we attended the mehendi function. We had dinner with them. After dinner we applied mehendi and we saw their traditional dance where all were enjoying the bride was very beautiful. The next day early morning we all went for the nikkah ceremony which was held in the mosque and after the nikkah the reception was at Krishna Kripa auditorium. We all enjoyed the food and the deserts in the wedding. After the wedding we spotted to many places with them, we visited the Karlad Lake which is in Wayanad for full day. We visited the places like the monkey spot, dam valley, and many other places. We also visited to the school Kunhali Marakkar High School. We also visited the Craft Village called Sargaalaya and saw the people working very hard and all the work was done without machines. We also visited the Kunjali Marakkar museum. We saw many beautiful things which look real and were awesome. It was a very very beautiful place with lot of antique things. We also purchased many things from there. We also visited the beach named Kottakkal. The beach was beautiful. We took a long ride in the canoe. We also visited the Turtle House Kolavipalam. We also once visited for Dinner at MRA restaurant which is very good for Arabic dishes. We also visited to a children park named as Mahindra Resort.

In the month of November and December there is always a sale on craft items people from all side come to visit for craft sale, ayurvedic medicines etc. Kerala is also famous for ayurvedic massage and treatment. People all around the world come to Kerala for massage and ayurvedic treatment.

Visiting Kerala was one of my favorite and unforgettable journey which even today I can imagine with my close eyes. We had visited many places in Kerala.

My favorite chips from Kerala are Banana Chips, Jackfruit Chips and Black Halwa known as Kala Halwa.

Majority of the people in Kuwait are from Kerala but from different states.

I would heartily thank my father’s friend for inviting us to Kerala and for the Hospitality given by them which we can never forget.

I still remember the food on the banana leaves which was their traditional way. I wish to visit Kerala once again.

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I Love Kerala

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