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Ayman Muhammed
Sunday, September 4, 2022

Teaching an illiterate person is the same as growing a plant in barren soil, you have to be patient and sow the seeds of interest and confidence in someone and continuously help him or her develop their fruit of talent and cultivate into a great and noble personality in the future. Therefore teacher’s day is a significant and special day, it is the day that marks and commemorates the hard work and contributions done by teachers to make his or her students the shining gems of the future.

I have been inspired and motivated by many teachers from my childhood itself. The first teachers in my life were my parents, who influenced and encouraged me throughout my childhood days. They were the ones who introduced the world to me. Once I started going to playschool it was hard for me those days as I felt homesick. While I sat on the bus, tears rolled down my cheeks as I wished to stay with my dad and mom at home. Then after the first few days in playschool, my mind has adapted to the new world, where I had a lot of fun and learning. Even now, I haven’t forgotten my playschool teacher Ms. Maimoonah. She was the one who built the basic steppingstone in my life and continues to inspire me.

Once my playschool life completed, I was moved to the formal school where I had the daunting experience with challenges presented, not only the changing physical environment but also in the academic, social and emotional experience. In kindergarten, I was taught by teachers called Ms. Selin and Ms. Maxi who are very strict but at the same time being friendly and showing kindness. Even though their eyes might look scary, I saw a warm and affectionate smile in their hearts. They were the ones who stimulated me and encouraged me to get on to the podium and let my talent flow out like music. I came to the primary class after completing kindergarten, this was a great period in my life as I received many wonderful and memorable teachers, like Preetha ma’am, Shabana ma’am, Nisha ma’am, Fairoz ma’am and many other teachers. Shabana ma’am was my second standard teacher, who continues to be one of my mentors and nourished my skills. She is one of the reasons I am even writing this essay, as she encouraged and promoted me to being myself and work hard to reach a goal I wished. She always supports me by giving valuable advice and helps me throughout my time at ICSK.

The beginning of secondary class was not as much fun and jovial. During that time the pandemic had erupted and changed the complete face of education. But our teachers stood strong and adapted to the conditions quickly even due to the pandemic, as they were passionate and cared for our education. I would like to highlight some of my class teachers who were very supportive during the critical situation such as Anu Ma’am, Fathima ma’am and Naufara ma’am. Despite all the difficult conditions, they managed to put a proper and established class online. Also, I cannot leave without remembering one of my favorite teacher though she doesn’t teach me, but she teaches higher secondary classes, Ms. Manju Ma’am. She is the one who promotes me to participate in quizzes and competitions and always motivates me to do my best. She is the one who help me to do the final corrections in essays and articles which I used to write and always give me suggestions and topics to include. In addition, behind all these teachers our respected principal, who stands as the backbone of all the teachers and support them in their difficulties.

Last but not least, I could not forget my other subject teachers. If you ask me which is my favorite subject, I will say that each subject has its own rules and internal logics, which our teacher’s breaks down and explain to us. In mathematics, teachers help us in figure out the hard problems and solves together with us in a fun and happy way. In science, listening to the teacher’s interesting explanation about chemicals and other substances just made me more interested and fascinated to it. When I hear the long and compelling lectures of my social science teacher I get to know about the fierce and brave kings, about earth and environment, about politics and our nation and many other topics, all this makes me engrossed, and finally when I learn from my language teachers, I get a much better understanding about it, and it helps me speak fluently on languages other than my mother tongue.

Therefore, I can’t pick out a single teacher as my favorite teacher because each teacher has her own unique way of teaching which makes a class interesting. We hope that our schools in India are also filled with teachers having diverse and versatile skills who spend their time and knowledge on their students so that we can have a nation with a better future. God is the one who created the whole world, similarly teachers are the ones who create a literate and cultured nation, and they are the ones who take responsibility to create an educated and cooperative community. So we must show our gratitude and gratefulness to our true guides, mentors, and well-wishers by celebrating a day dedicated for them. Just as the famous saying ‘today’s students are tomorrow’s future’ and behind these successful students are the hard working and diligent teachers. So Happy teacher’s day!!

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