Teachers – Society’s True Leaders

Anamika Karthik
Sunday, September 4, 2022

Without teachers, neither you nor I would be here as privileged as we are.

Some believe it was the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius was the first “teacher”, some believe Aristotle –the Greek philosopher- was the very first “teacher” and those that are unsure of where exactly “teachers” came from, just say parents are our first “teachers”! There are many ways to refer to a teacher: educator, instructor, tutor, mentor or guide. One thing that is common between all these words is that it is a person who gives you perhaps the most valuable thing in one’s life – Knowledge. It might sound boring because you could remember a hundred different quotes saying Knowledge this or Knowledge that. So the need for knowledge is understood, but what about the one that imparts it?

Teaching, I believe, is both art and war. Teachers are both artists and warriors. Good ones and bad ones…both exist! But teachers are a valuable resource nonetheless. Could you try imagining a life where there was absolutely no one to guide you? The only way to live would then be on pure instinct and experience; which don’t really work in all spheres of life.

5th September to all Indians (and 5th October to all the people around the globe) is a day to celebrate teachers in honour of India’s second President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a wonderful educator to many. Although we should probably start thanking our teachers for their support and dedication daily, this day is particularly special. It’s our duty regardless of being kids or adults, to respect the people who take on or once took on the job of teaching us the lessons we use today. Teaching is a profession without which other professions wouldn’t exist after all!

I myself cherish the memories of amazing teachers I have had in the past, and still am with in the present. Without these people children wouldn’t be able to grow up into upstanding people, which is why they are not just the people who educate us, but also the ones who lead and guide us into the future. Yet they still don’t get the respect they most certainly deserve. Teaching is a sacred profession and those who take on the challenge must be given all the sincerity their students can give.

So on this special occasion, I give my heartfelt gratitude and love to all the teachers around me who have helped me reach this far through their expertise and guidance.

Wishing you all a very happy and lovely teachers day! I thank all of you with my whole heart and hope you never stop giving us children the important teachings as you do now.

Anamika Karthik
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