The Melody of Dawn

Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan
Monday, July 4, 2022

I was afraid of the dark night
Even you hid secretly with me
While all of them held their breath
And ran somewhere far away

At the dead of the cruel winter
The time has frozen
My painful memories too
and my numb heart has gone to sleep

At the disruption of the inceptive dawn,
Let the scorching heat dry up my tears
Let it melt the white snow with my numb heart
Let it help shed my memories

And oh, I will try, I will but
My numbness shall bloom a bed of flowers
A bed filled with evening primroses
Let them not dope it with agony

Let me follow the melody of dawn
and walk the withered flower path
In the middle of the night,
Allow me to ignite a fire

Let the petals burn one by one
Let the ashes of the flowers
Make a fresh scenic flower
With thousands of colourful petals

Let my false darkness, truth, joy
Burn along with the petals
And at the next melody of dawn
You will find solace in peace

Lakshmi Nanda Madhusoodhanan
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