Father – A Backbone

Malavika Vinod
Sunday, June 19, 2022

The arms in which you first lay,
The face that you first see,
The voice that first soothes you,
Belongs to a man who can think of nothing else but you.
The hands that catch you,
As you fall from your little tricycle,
The arms that protect you,
When you fear your Mother’s rage.
The shoulders that gave you piggy rides,
When your little legs pained from walking,
That structure of strength and warmth,
That you can lean against when you are tired,
The person who supports you,
No matter what field you choose,
Who smiles the most in your graduation photograph,
Who thinks the world of you,
And wishes he could buy the universe for you,
The fact that HE IS THERE supports you,
As you go for crazy decisions,
Always remember that there is FATHER,
Who will be at your side, no matter whatever happens.

Malavika Vinod
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