Enjoy the Robots while playing chess at this unique Checkmate Cafe at Abu Halifa

Deepika Nambiar
Monday, April 11, 2022

What about playing chess over a cup of hot cappuccino or Cafe Latte? Of course, it is an irresistible offer for chess lovers. But the thrill goes thousandfold when it is at Checkmate Cafe in Abu Halifa!

Yes, it is definitely a mind-blowing experience to visit and feel this unique place located at the newly opened Al Ashira Mall in Abu Halifa area.

It all started when the famous Kuwaiti chess player Mr Khaled Al Otaibi thought about a good meeting point for chess lovers. The idea of a cafe just popped out of his mind, and it resulted in a highly sophisticated place that is loved by all its visitors.

Checkmate Robot chess cafe in Kuwait

'CheckMate' cafe is not just any ordinary cafe.... uniqueness is that it is prominently recognized for its sophistication in Robots. A Robotic dog will greet you in the Cafe once you enter inside. The Robotic dog is definitely an experience, especially for the kids. It even greets you on two legs. It does all the love signs a real pet dog does to his lovely masters.

Checkmate Robot chess cafe in Kuwait

The excitement doesn't end there. Every table in the Cafe has a chessboard waiting for you. You can visit the Cafe with your friend or families and enjoy the game over a cup of coffee. While you indulge in the mind game, the specially made robot 'Lilly' will serve you their best coffee and delicacies at your table. Yes, you read it right. The robot is specially designed to serve their delicacies direct to your table without any human intervention. I am sure the kids will love it!

Checkmate Robot chess cafe in Kuwait

The walls are full of famous chess player photos, a shrine to world champs and chess celebrities. The wooden chess boards and pieces are also 'original'. A true lover of technology, Mr Khaled Alotaibi changed the place into a paradise for not only chess lovers but also technology lovers.

And the love for his technology doesn't end here. If you don't have a companion with you to play with, nothing to worry. A virtual robot will play with you! Yes, the CheckMate cafe has a specially designed Chessboard, where you can literally play real chess with an automated robot. The chessboard also can stream famous games played by grand masters. This is the best tool for people to learn the game by watching the celebrity players' movements on an actual board.

Checkmate Robot chess cafe in Kuwait

Launched in September 2021, CheckMate Cafe also have a Chess Academy for people who want to learn from the basics or for those who want to advance their knowledge. They charge a minimal cost for the regular training at the academy, whereas the use of a chessboard at the Cafe is literally free. You can enjoy their delicious menu at the Cafe and spend as many as hours enjoying the game. Mr Khalid, a true chess lover, always enjoys people using the chessboard at the Cafe. Many expatriates of different nationalities, including Indians, visit this Cafe to enjoy the mind game with a touch of technology.

Checkmate cafe also conducts regular tournaments, and the Ramadan tournament is going on in full swing at the Cafe now.

Checkmate Robot chess cafe in Kuwait
Checkmate Robot chess cafe in Kuwait

You can also read the collection of books kept at the Cafe, which is kept to encourage reading habits in people. Whether you are a technology lover or a chess lover, or just a newbie who just enjoys visiting this wonderful place, a visit to this Cafe will never let you down with the kind of atmosphere it provides.

Checkmate cafe is located at Al Ashira Mall at Abu Halifa area [Location map]

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