Educational Robot, “NINO” welcomes you to Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait

Thursday, January 27, 2022

In today’s fast paced life, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are an integral part of our lives. Students have started using more and more gadgets for studies as well as other recreational activities. To keep our students at par with their daily requirements, Robotics is introduced at Indian School of Excellence,Kuwait from Grade 1.

They get exposure to both Computer Science where they learn how to use computers and then in Robotics class, they get trained on how to use those lessons starting from simple Block-Based Programming, like Scratch for Game Development and MIT App Inventor for Mobile App development, setting up simple circuits on a bread board in electronics. Building a Robot involves different areas of expertise and for that purpose we have introduced the subject from the basic level.

These classes have been introduced with the idea of giving a Stem-based learning approach to children enabling them to think out of the box, conceptualize an idea, design, program it and implement.

Classes 1 & 2 will be working on projects like Pocket Flashlight, Table fans in Electronics and Game Development. Class 3 onwards 3D designing is introduced for some basic objects like a dumbbell, wrench, screwdriver, table lamp apart from Block based programming for Game Development. Concept of Microcontrollers are introduced to help with automation related projects, eg. home automation in Class 5 & 6.

The presence of the Humanoid Educational Robot, “NINO” makes each class more exciting, educational as well as amusing for the students. The Robotics Team at Indian School Excellence, Kuwait aims at unleashing the creativity in all students, encouraging them to explore their ideas, guiding them to convert the ideas into designs and help them to turn their designs into projects.


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