No Omicron in Kuwait; Passengers advised to be in quarantine few days before taking PCR

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah confirmed that no Omicron case has been registered so far in Kuwait. "We are waiting for the final report from international organizations to know its seriousness and what measures will be taken when needed," Dr Basil Al-Sabah said.

Ministry of Health took exceptional measures in this regard, he said. Currently only vaccinated people can enter the country. The vaccination rate in Kuwait is excellent. However, if the mutant enters the country, it may cause an increase in the number of cases, Minister said. It is our duty to protect our self and society by adhering to all precautions including wearing of mask and taking vaccination and booster dose, he said.

Minister also advice any one who arrives the country to be in self-quarantine for a few days before taking the PCR test to end quarantine to ensure that they are not infected with the virus.


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