Gulf Telugu Sanghala Samakhya organized Glogal Children's Day

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Under the auspices of the Federation of Gulf Telugu Associations, with more than 65 Telugu communities worldwide, the Children's Day event was held virtually for 12 hours in full swing with Telugu children from 25 countries. Vice President of India Sri Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu was the Chief Guest at the event. He said in his message "that to pass on the traditions of Indian culture to the next generations, we should first introduce our games, songs, festivals to the children and it is a pleasure to use an occasion like Children's Day for that. Most importantly, we need to teach children the mother tongue, which is the source of our culture, and let them know our Shataka poems and stories. Inspired by the program, he congratulated the organizers. He wished all the children well as they wished that more organizations would teach students with human values.

Former Deputy Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Shri Mandali Buddhaprasad addressed the gathering as a Special Guest. He said that it was a feast for the eyes of more than 300 Telugu children from different countries to perform in this program. Congratulations to the organizers of organizing such a children's festival. Participating as another Guest of Honor, Sri Gummadi Gopala Krishna, "We are abroad, but we are happy to organize such a big event with children without forgetting our culture, traditions, and language. We were mesmerized by their performances".
Another guest, Sri Rama Raju, Head, Vamsi International, said, "Today's children are tomorrow's citizens." Other guests, Sri Sanjeeva Narasimha, a prominent person from Mauritius, Sri Dr. Pratap, President of the Telugu Association of Malaysia, Sri Ratna Kumar, President of Sri Samskruthika Kalasaradhi, Singapore, Sri Lakshmi Prasad, Chairman of Shubhodayam Infra, and Sri Lavu Anjayya Chowdhary, President of TANA.

One of the event organizers, Sri Kudaravalli Sudhakara Rao, thanked the Presidents of 65 Telugu Associations who participated in the event, the children, and their parents for their enthusiastic participation. The winners of the quiz competition for children aged 5 to 10 and 11 to 16 years were announced in honor of Children's Day. Sri Sudhakara Rao thanked Sri Vikram Sukhawasi, Sri Venkappa Bhagavathula, Sri Pradeep Kumar Mantrala, Sri M.B. Reddy and the Presidents of the Partner Associations in the Federation of Gulf Telugu Associations and their working committee members.

The event was co-sponsored by SwiftLearn, Platinum sponsored by Subodayam Infra, and Gold sponsored by the Kudaravalli Foundation. The media partners were Kuwait Andhra and Maagulf, with symbolic support from Singapore-based RK Media.

Sri Kudaravalli Sudhakara Rao, President of the United Forum of Telugu Associations Kuwait, Sri Deepika Ravi, President of the Saudi Telugu Association, Sri Anil Kumar Kadincherla, President of the Telugu Kala Samithi Oman, Sri Satyanarayana Malireddy, President of the Andhra Kala Vedika Qatar, Sri Veda Murthy, President of the Fujairah Telugu Families UAE, and President of Telugu Tarangini Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Sri Venkata Suresh, inspired the children to speak on various aspects of their lives such as discipline, honesty, truthfulness, self-confidence, positive attitude, helping, knowledge and concentration. The unique attraction of this 12 hours program is that the children are the speakers and the children give lectures on various topics.


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