Still Learning

Shehnaz Gujral
Thursday, November 11, 2021

I have learnt after unlearning,
What I had learnt in the years gone.
And still unlearning
For the years to come.

All the time, promises are not to be kept.
And sometimes, it isn’t a promise but a promise yet.

All the time, love is not a kiss or hug.
And sometimes, it is when you love to bug.

All the time, a bouquet of red roses can’t be your valentine.
And sometimes, love is catching a running train to meet you in time.

All the time, you don’t grow old blowing out candles.
And sometimes, you feel young blowing off scandals.

All the time, you need not seek validation.
And sometimes, you build the bridge from dilapidation.

All the time, you do not love for a reason.
And sometimes, you love yourself in every season.


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