Embassy organized community farewell to First Secretary Fahad

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Embassy of India in Kuwait organized a community farewell to its first Secretary Mr Fahad Ahmad khan Suri at the Embassy auditorium on Wednesday October 20th. Mr Fahad who served the Indian Embassy in Kuwait for the past three year will be leaving to Delhi after completing his successful assignment in Kuwait.

Mr Fahad was very active and engaging with the Indian community during the crucial time of Air Bubble and Vande Bharath mission which took over 150 thousand Indians back to India, Covid crisis etc. He was also instrumental in solving a great amount of task regarding the engineer’s accreditation with Kuwait Society of Engineers, which is still ongoing.

“Today, all that I want to say is this, in each of these efforts, my colleague Shri Fahad Ahmed Khan Suri was in the forefront, as an officer whom his Ambassador could always turn to for support and solution 24x7. He was among the most valued member of my team. As Head of Chancery and as the spokesperson of the Embassy he did the background work for each of Outreach programs and for Open Houses. We together believed that ‘a no is a no only if it is no you want, otherwise it is always a temporary setback, a yes in waiting’. He was always there with a viable solution for any challenging circumstances. It is in this context that I appreciate the initiative of IPN and IBN to organize this farewell today,” Ambassador Shri Sibi George said in his remarks.

Mr Fahad played an important role as political secretary in all the political and economic engagement between India and Kuwait and in further strengthening our people to people connect.

Various members of the community appreciated the effort of Mr Fahad during his tenure in Kuwait in various community issues and wished him all the success in his future endeavor.

Mr Fahad, in his reply speech, thanked all the community members for their support and keeping the India flag high in Kuwait.


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