96 arrested for residency violation in security campaign at Bneid Al-Gar

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Ministry of Interior announced that the Security Directorate of the Capital Governorate carried out a security campaign on Tuesday at the Bneid Al-Gar area, which resulted in the arrest of 96 people.

Thirty-seven people were arrested for expired residency, and three were on the absconding case, 55 were on charges of residency violation. All the arrested people were referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary legal action against them.

Authorities confirmed that a similar security campaign would continue to arrest all residency violators.

Last year, during the Covid pandemic, Kuwait gave an opportunity for all residency violators to leave the country by providing free air tickets and without blacklisting the violators. However, according to reports, a large number of residency violators are still present in the country.


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