Star Trek

Malavika Vinod
Sunday, September 12, 2021

“To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before”.

Some of us might have heard this from Star Trek, while following the adventures of the starship U.S.S Enterprise. The very first fragments of this fictional galaxy were put together by Gene Roddenberry, an American television screenwriter and producer. He was inspired to create the 1960s Star Trek now known as The Original Series by Gulliver’s Travels, a 1965 film The Forbidden Planet and other fictional stories about space travel and exciting journeys.

For the ones who did not get a ride through the incredible galaxy here is a sneak peek from some of the Star Trek movies and series which I love the most.

While following the starship Discovery, we come across a determined woman, Michael Burnham who is an officer in Starfleet. The 3 seasons are about how she comes upon Discovery, how they fought a war, the painful betrayal of their captain, how Discovery travels into the future and other exciting things that no one can ever think of.

In Star Trek 2009 we accompany the starship Enterprise and its crew on many adventures. We also meet James T. Kirk who is the captain and leads the ship through many tough situations. The film is followed by Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond which shows us the journeys of the same ship but through more and more tough problems and against more cunning villains. Some characters from this series include Pavel Chekov a 17 year-old prodigy who serves as the navigator, Hikaru Sulu the chief helmsman, Uhura the communications officer, Spock the half-Vulcan science officer and many others.

There are many more expeditions in the series but to know more lets become a Starfleet officer and get assigned on a starship.

Star Trek also became the beginning of my liking towards space travel and also inspired me to be passionate about becoming a space agent. I started watching Star Trek after reading about it in the life story of Swati Mohan, the Indian-American aerospace engineer. After that I became a cosmic fan of the series and started exploring more of the fictional universe. I always liked watching the series with my father at night when all the adventures of the starships seemed more like reality. Star Trek is a terrific inspiration for millions of young minds across the world.

To me Star Trek also tells about the development of our planet and creates a mysterious mist around the future of many problems we face today. It also shows how technology has advanced and how it is very common for a mother or father to be away on an interstellar mission. In general the series makes us imagines ourselves in the shoes of the characters and also teaches never to give up and to keep fighting until we attain our goal. In some of the series the ship had even been ripped apart in half but still the officers on the bridge focused on keeping their crew together, therefore passing the message of unity.

"The Real World Doesn’t Always Adhere To Logic. Sometimes Down Is Up. Sometimes Up Is Down. Sometimes When You’re Lost, You’re Found."

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