Always and Forever!

Aleena Anna Abraham
Thursday, September 9, 2021

“Always and forever. Family above all.” Family, something I will always and forever hold on to, for family I will do anything and everything, because that is the one thing on earth we can always go to no matter what. I’ve always been more close to my friends than my family, but as years went by, my friends turned out to be a part of my family. In the four chambers of my heart, one will always be open to my family and friends, they are like bricks that built you into a stronger person. I’ve seen over the years, no matter what happens to a person within the family, the rest leaves everything behind to come up and stand for that person, it was like one for all and all for one.

I can always assure you that my father is the head of the family and my mother is the backbone of the family. Among my family members, I am most attached to my younger sister, even though she is young, i’ve always shared my troubles with her, and within minutes she has solutions to those, she’s like my therapist in the family and among the family, I miss my brother the most, even though he is the most irritating person i’ve ever met. I spend my lower kindergarten in India and even though I hated it at the time, now when I think about it, it was all worth it. Living with both your grandparents without your parents around, being taught at a really young age how to do your things by yourself, witnessing the love between your grandparents. Over the years i’ve realized that, words and actions are the only ways how to express your love for your family, and that there are no words to tell how important family is to a person.

Like every normal family, mine also have heated conversations, but within all those small arguments, there’s always a sign of love within them. Families are the biggest and most precious gifts God has given everyone, and never leave them aside no matter what. God has given us fingers to hold the closest ones to us by not letting them go. To learn how to love and to be loved by one will always be a lesson taught by the family because families are always and forever!

Aleena Anna Abraham
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