'Teaching’ The Only Profession That Creates other Professions

Mohammad Yusuf Khan
Sunday, September 5, 2021

Linda Darling Hammond once said, “Teaching is the profession on which all other professions depend.”

I completely agree with this quote. It is absolutely true as a teacher helps open the mind of their students and have a huge impact in their future life. The teachers today will help their students develop the world in the upcoming generations in the field of mathematics, artificial intelligence, science, literature, technology and so on. Among other things, teachers work to open students’ minds to ideas, knowledge, and dream. Teachers fill many roles, as listeners, advocates, explorers, role models, motivators, and mentors. The role of teachers in one’s life begin in early childhood. A child sees a respectable person in a teacher after their parents, who teaches them good values, appreciates their good deeds and encourages them to perform well. Being appreciated by a teacher is really important for a child that they begin to implement on values and manners that are taught by the teachers. Slowly and steadily these values become habits and help the child become a good person and a good citizen.

In my view, a true teacher must also be a true educator. He or she helps a child lead a meaningful and sensible life. Teachers provide opportunities to enhance the student’s creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic expression.

A teacher helps a student instill their dreams in their minds and fulfill it in the near future. They help create a passion in the minds and hearts of their students to do something good for the world and to become successful.

As a child grows up, he spends almost 6 to 8 hours in the school with teachers and mentors. We can say that they affect student’s development in many different ways. Throughout the years teachers become our role models for students. A different and special relation is established between the teachers and students. Teachers scold us, laugh with us, share their amazing stories with us and make us feel homely. They make us feel really comfortable and can be trusted as well. They correct our mistakes and prevent us from making bigger mistakes in life. They guide us because they understand our weaknesses and strengths.

Students are active learners; therefore, a teacher should inscribe good values and thoughts in the mind of the children. Such values can be taught by the means of literature, poetry, stories, biographies, autobiographies, drama and many more subjects. All the activities and experiences to which the children are exposed to in the classroom, or not should be value oriented because students can effortlessly pick up values like self-discipline, compassion, self-control and sense of responsibility.
Teachers are the role model of their students as they look up to them. They play a major role in shaping the lives and laying the foundation for their students to help them in their future life. A child is a precious gift and nurturing them with love and care is as teacher's sacred responsibility as students learn from their teachers' conduct as they emulate their teachers.

But these days, the situation has changed a little bit. These days we see students disrespecting their teachers. With knowledge being distributed everywhere, some students take teachers and studies lightly. But the important part that is missed out here is the difference between information and knowledge. Though information is available everywhere, the knowledge given by our teachers will help us in the future.

The knowledge of turning the information into a useful one and applying it at correct time and place in one’s life can be taught only by an experienced teacher or mentor.

We have to respect our teachers no matter what since they are like our second parents. They teach us good qualities to imply in our lives.

Teachers continue to influence us long after our school days are only memories. We all have a fond memory of many teachers who had an impact, who made that difference. For that, and so much more, we thank them all.

So, for this teacher’s day, let’s all celebrate by respecting our teachers and their comments and remember them in our minds even after school days. Our teachers are nation builder. Having an educated society of all levels will ensure a strong society where the rule of law is upheld, fair competition is welcomed and national progress is a priority. Having a strong society also creates strong family units where strong familial values are upheld, thus reducing social ills and crimes

They lay the foundation for the future generations and help our nation progress faster. You will be always appreciated and remembered.

Wishing all my teachers very happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Mohammad Yusuf Khan
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