God’s Work of Art

Mathew George
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Rafting on calm waters,

On the streams of golden glare

On a timber boat I row,

Witnessing the horizon low

The blazing sun had once shone upon,

But now was dimming its light

A sublime sight that no one could deny,

That certainly caught my eye

Then at the last wink of light,

At the setting of the Sun

There soaring high,

Far and beyond the misty blue sky

A flight of birds nearby,

Mesmerised by the beauty

They flew towards the Sun

All captured in its spell,

Cause the beauty and what not to tell

But alas, it is time to bid adieu,

As clocks tick by and the hour is due

So, never doubt you as a creation,

As just, as God has crafted,

The wonders of nature,

He has crafted you

So, this is the lesson learnt,

And as a favour never forget this

Of the discovery finally discovered,

Of the day that had begun, at the sight of the Sun.

Mathew George
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