Boredom to the World of Creativity - During Lockdown

Ameya Hari bhaskaran
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Covid 19 rampaging across the world, we are stuck at home and becoming couch potatoes, well you know the drill. I am like a bird stuck in a cage. I have changed a lot within these two months. So do you want to hear my story, just writing this on a piece of paper, so what is it trying to say to me, I CAN’T SPEAK PAPER, but I guess it’s trying to say “yes”, maybe it also wants to hear my story?

Nothing much happened in the first few days. One day after breakfast, I was staring at the window sometime after I dozed off, and was ‘ill at ease with mom cleaning. I woke up and completed my to-do list. I decided to play my favourite games on the computer, that’s when I found out that I had an assignment in MS teams. It was to draw a poster; the theme was “Life during Lockdown”. I embraced the chaos of my creativity. I made a poster within two hours. Lockdown allowed me to enter into the world of creativity. I made a poster on “Biodiversity” with my slogans and designed a calendar of important events in my country. So I could keep up-to-date events.

A few days after I was sleeping, I like sleeping. “Tick, tick, tick…. Another sleep ruined, I accidentally slipped on the floor, ouch! It was a sparrow, was making the noise by tapping my window. I felt curious about it and decided to observe more. Rapid as lightning it ate all my chilly leaves on the window. The next day his target was my green gram leaves. As I am living in Kuwait, a desert with sparse vegetation, birds and animals. The Above incident helped me getting closer to nature by observing the activities of birds and was surprised by the wonders created by Almighty for human.

I set foot in the world of cuisines with my mom. We were in a dream team. It showed me the value of teamwork and how to organize and plan things before doing an activity. This lockdown experience taught me to salute all moms for their hard work in the kitchen after their busy office schedules.

Another great thing I learned during lockdown is getting closer to my family. Usually, all were busy with their duties. But lockdown helped us to sit, chat, eat, enjoy and relax by meditation and yoga. Lockdown helped me to realize that family is the best gift of everyone’s life.

Honestly, it took me two months to understand that lockdown wasn’t a burden for me. I embraced my creativity, enjoyed with my family, understood the importance of teamwork in the family, enjoys, respect and protects the wonders of nature. Forget about the incy wincy Corona but obey and respect the rules set by the Government.

Ameya Hari Bhaskaran
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