IIT IIM provides Covid19 Relief support to India

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

IIT IIM Alumni association Kuwait arranges Cryptorelief Fund to donate 8,000 Oxygen Cylinders worth more than 2 Million Dollars to Indian Embassy Kuwait to support India.

The Dubai-based relief fund ‘IN COVID SUPPORT FZE LLC’ also popularly known as Cryptorelief once again donated more than $2 million to help India fight the ongoing Corona pandemic.

The money was donated to buy 8,000 oxygen cylinders to be filled with medical oxygen and sent to India through the Indian Embassy in Kuwait. The entire operation was conceived and steered by the IITIIM alumni association in Kuwait.

The AIRTEC Group was given the order to fulfill this cylinder requirement. AIRTEC provided free oxygen filling support for all the cylinders. Peeyush Jain, the chief operating officer of AIRTEC group said AIRTEC has filled and sent more than 12,000 medical oxygen cylinders and 250 MT of liquid oxygen to India under the project to support India during the second wave.

This oxygen supply was then transported under operation Samudra Setu II and carried on the Indian Navy ship INS Tarkash to fulfill dire need of COVID essential supplies across India.

Vivek of Cryptorelief fund, said “These cylinders were donated to tackle dire oxygen requirements for Wave-02 of Covid in India.”

Peeyush Jain, who is also the president of IITIIM alumni association in Kuwait said “we are always ready to stand in support of the country whenever crisis hits & funds like Cryptorelief are a proof of that. Cryptorelief, was started by Sandeep Nailwal founder of Matic, a billion-dollar fund specifically dedicated to needs for Covid Relief in the most innovative ways possible.

Nailwal congratulated the association for their work and assured that going forward also the fund offers its support in any way possible in the hour of need. He mentioned Cryptorelief has already delivered $100 million worth of relief work in 22 states of India -- right from basic requirements such as ration kits up to most complicated machinery such as PSA oxygen plants or ventilators for hospitals.

On behalf of the IITIIM alumni association in Kuwait, Jain thanked Cyrptorelief for their noble gesture and helping the country when needed. He believes and is hopeful that in future the partnership with Cryptorelief and the Indian Embassy will enable the association to make a bigger impact on the ground.

Jain also thanked HE Sibi George, the ambassador of India to Kuwait for his full support. The whole supply chain was only possible because of the support from the ambassador himself who gave his personal attention to this whole project.

The ambassador explained that without the excellent support of the government of Kuwait, this project wouldn’t have been possible. The ambassador proudly mentioned that Kuwait has become “the single country” for the largest supply of medical oxygen to India and it was all possible because of the cooperation received from the Government of Kuwait.

Jain mentioned that If one fund can achieve such high impact in 2 months imagine how much can be done if the entire society comes together for such a noble cause. Anyone can get involved and volunteer with Cryptorelief. For more details visit their website: www.cryptorelief.in


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