Father’s Day: A Day to Honour Fathers

Mathew George
Sunday, June 20, 2021

“A father is someone whom you look up to, no matter how much tall you grow.”

We all have a gorgeous FAMILY TREE in which each member plays a very important role. But God has given us a graceful twin-gift. Among these two, one is our ‘FATHER’ and the other is our ‘MOTHER’. What a super-combo gift God has given! They are like two eyes of a person. One can’t say which eye had a great vision or which eye looks everything clearly. Both are vital and play an equal role of vision. In the same way one can’t say who is more essential for the family, mother or father. Because mother is known as the SOUL of the family and father is BLOOD of the family.

In our family tree, mother acts like BRANCHES and father acts like the ROOT of a tree. And we children are the SWEET FRUIT AND FLOWERS of the wonderful family tree. When the mother is the birth giver then the father is the caretaker. When the mother is the sky of love, then the father is the hope of the moon. So there is no comparison between the significance of a mother and a father. They have equal importance and so it is difficult to differentiate between them. Maybe there are no sufficient words to praise their glory and that’s why someone has given one heroic name ‘SUPERHERO’ for the significance of father.

Just as the burden of a tree arises on their roots, similarly the burden of a family arises on their father. And this is the reason why father has been called ROOT of a family tree.

Do you know why father has been called BLAZE of lamp? As the blaze of a lamp burns to light up the house, in the same way a father burns his happiness and peace for filling his family with a bunch of smiles, joy and contentment.

Without counting or taking notice of his stress and sleepless nights, our fathers work tirelessly for the pleasure of his family. He sacrifices all his joys and pleasures just for the welfare of his family and children. But the main thing is that many times his efforts remain unnoticed and unappreciated by his own family.

It is very true that we all have respect and value for our mother because she is the one who took care of us since the day we were born. But at the same time, we must take care not to forget the selfless service of our father. For recognizing his good deeds, we started celebrating ‘FATHER’S DAY’ on June 20 every year.

Now, let us also have a brief introduction to the history of father’s day and how it became so popular all over the world. The celebration of Father’s Day for the first time was started by a woman named Grace Golden Clayton in the memory of ‘SAINT JOSEPH’ in Catholic Europe.
In 1970, the Europe faced a tragic disaster of Monongah Mining. This incident took the lives of nearly 361 men and nearly 250 children lost an elegant bonding with their father.

On the proposal of Grace Golden Clayton, the government of Europe officially declared that day as ‘Father’s Day’ because she was one of those 250 children who had lost their fathers in that tragic disaster.

The way of Father’s Day celebration differs from youngsters to elders from many angles. Youngsters usually celebrate Father’s Day on 20 June, but our elders and those who lived before we were born liked to celebrate it on 02 October. There is a very special reason for choosing this date. It is because The Father of Our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was born on this day and we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October to commemorate the birth anniversary of our great Indian Freedom Fighter.
Today, we are living a peaceful and secured life just because of the good deeds and Satyagraha movements of Gandhiji. As the prime most responsibility of a father is to secure his family and keep it safe and sound, the Father of our Nation did the same. He fulfilled his responsibility by relieving and securing our lives from the slavery of Britishers.

By remembering his good deeds our elders also celebrated 02 OCTOBER as ‘FATHER’S DAY’ the birthday of Gandhiji.

Nowadays, people are always engaged with their busy schedules, and many of us may not be able to express the love and support to their fathers frequently. That is why we utilize Father’s Day to appreciate our fathers for their extreme contribution. Father’s role in our lives cannot be explained in words. So, on Father’s Day, we celebrate fatherhood and appreciate all the love and support they gave us immensely throughout our lives. It is not just father’s day, it should be every day, that we wake up in the morning with immense gratitude towards our father for providing us with a happy life that we are living, for protecting us from the evils, for showering us with love, and being the support system and constantly guiding us in all the life’s path. To conclude, one can also say that father is an idol of sacrifices. And Father’s Day should not only be a one-day celebration, it should be celebrated everyday. Fathers too deserve a special touch of love, care and support everyday and not just for a particular day. So, let’s change our perspective by making our father jolly everyday, and not just for one particular day.

“Anyone can father a child , but being a dad takes lifetime.”

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