Negative People

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
Monday, June 14, 2021

In our day to day life we meet many people with different opinions some give us positive opinion whereas some give us negative opinion. We all aspire to be someone in life. We all have dreams, desires and the will to achieve our desires. But it is never as easy as it looks, is it? We all find certain obstacles in our path of life.

One of these obstacles is negative people, these people have failed in life, in some field. They were vibrant and bright people before but their failures have brought out their pessimism. They do not resent others, but they resent life. They will always envoy on others success. They are bitter and full of suppressed anger. With their comments, they will try to bring you down. They will drain out your optimism until you feel that life is hopeless. They may take the form of a friend, a sibling, a neighbor or a relative. When you are down in the depths, instead of comforting you they will say words like “I told you so “or bla bla bla…… But we must never forget that god is always with us at every stage and every moment of our life. Negative people are a challenge, given to us by God. They will laugh at your failures, they will be rude with you. They are not strong enough to face any situation in their life or any life's problems, so they will weaken you. They live in the fantasy that one day, everybody will be as weak as them. But if that happens our foundation of life will collapse. So we need to devise ways of dealing with negative people:

•Talk to them politely and try to make them understand. Speak with conviction.
•Never snap back or flatter their ego that will make them more convinced that you are weakening.
•Physical struggles never work. Keep that in mind.
•If all else fails, ignore them.
•Try to show them that life is positive.
•Negative people are sensitive. So you should deal with them tactfully.

Life is a journey filled with happiness and sorrow. You should enjoy it fully. Negative people are not evil. They are affected by evil. So remember God is always there and if he is there with you, nothing can defeat you.

Life is too short so live it happily and keep people happy and always keep positive thinking, Because Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara.

So Jiyo Or Jinedo!
Stay Positive And Think Positive!

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
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