World Environment Day

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
Sunday, June 6, 2021

We read a lot of articles in newspapers and magazines about the environment, our eco system is undertreat from rampant development and urbanization. Over the years, the soil has lost its fertility as chemical have been added to sustain it. The purpose of using the chemical is to artificially get plants yield more crops, thereby destroying its nutritional value. Factories have sprung in cities to meet the needs of the public. The waste and chemical that are produced in factories have polluted the environment. The air is filled with poisonous gases and smoke that can cause death. Garbage and Public Places invite flies, mosquitoes etc.

We all want to help our environment, but we are too busy with our daily lives to make changes that we think are needed to develop a more environmental friendly culture.

Therefore you can make small, simple and easy habit changes that add up to a cleaner and greener environment.

Following are few examples or habits that we can undertake to improve our environment:

1. Use cloth bags - Develop the habit of using paper or cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic bags, as plastic bags are toxic in nature and harmful to the environment.
2. Use public transport such as buses or trains instead of private vehicle, so that you can reduce noise and air pollution.
3. Turn things off - Develop the habit of turning off fans, lights, T.V., radios etc. when you are not using them or when you are going out of the house. Hence you can save electricity and you can contribute less to the global warning.
4. Use rechargeable batteries instead of single - use batteries.
5. When brushing your teeth or washing dishes, only run water when required, otherwise turn off the tap.
6. Don't throw your garbage on open grounds, use only garbage bins.
7. Don't cut trees. Plant a tree, save the earth.
8. Save energy for the next generations.
9. Even the school can make the role of exchanging books or reusing the old version textbooks instead of using the new version which will be very helpful to safe paper and help the needy child too.

Therefore we all human beings should protect our mother earth and save our environment.
Hence it is necessary not only to protect trees but also to grow more trees.

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
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