Laughter-The Best Medicine

Mathew George
Monday, May 31, 2021

“A Good Laugh is like a Melody,
A Concert from your own heart.
A tickling made by the Angles of God,
The most creative living art.
Laughter is indeed the best medicine that you can have,
So cheap and easy to buy.
The more you laugh, the less stress and medicine you take,
But the less you Laugh, the more medicine you eat and cost high.
Just a slight laugh can make you feel better,
And more brighter than the sun.
Prettier than the prettiest flowers,
So, laugh out and become better lovers!
When you laugh, it can work miracles,
Relieve you from all kinds of stress and worries.
There is no other thing in this which can make you happy,
But only a good hearty laugh.
A laugh gives you a new strength,
Makes you feel brave to face the challenges of the world.
It brightens your inner being,
And makes you feel refreshed.
Laugh, to keep you smiling at all times,
But if you laugh without any reason, people would think you are insane.
Keep smiling at all times,
Because it is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Laughter is the best medicine,
It is not available in any stores.
But you can buy it in millions and crores,
It is handy and priceless.
Laughter is love,
But revenge is just it’s opposite, full of hatred and agony.
Who can make his own mother happy?
No, not anything in this world,
But only the sweet innocence and a child’s laughter.
So, don’t forget to laugh a bit everyday,
Knowing that we will die one day.
So, laugh and always be happy,
So cheap, priceless and very easy to buy,
Try and get better results.
It is the best medicine to cure you from all your problems!

Mathew George
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