Magic Book

Monday, May 31, 2021

I was in the forest, Alone. I was walking with fear when I saw a book, I saw

Blue light and I thought if this book were magical, I saw sparkles going

Out of the book. I was so exited and opened the book, there was so much

Dust, sneezed so much. After me sneezing, I read inside the book written

,” Whatever you write inside this book, your wish will come true “Then I

Thought to myself,” I am alone in the forest without my parents, But

I don’t know if this book is saying the truth”. So, I wrote in the book, “End

Pollution “, as I wrote, I had felt clean oxygen and no difficulty breathing

. So, I wrote in the book again, “Give me an apple”, As I was hungry.

And there came on apple falling off the sky, I ate and my hunger was

Satisfied. Then I wrote in the book, “Bring me back to my parents”,

And it brought me back to my parents, the book was still with me, So, I

Showed it to my parents and wrote in the book, “Thank you”, And the

Book said, “Your welcome”, And we kept that book forever

The end...


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