Technology: A boon or a goon

Manha Anees
Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Can you conceptualize a single day without internet, machines and equipments? In this day and age, every slice of our daily life is bridged to technology in one way or the other. “It is not that we use technology, we live technology”. New inventions occur through various technological advancements to make a positive difference in humanity. But is it actually a boon or a goon?

Let us bird view the atomic energy; it can be utilized to form electricity, put into service in various machineries, equipments and modern medicine but simultaneously it is used to make weapons of massive destruction.

The invention of refrigerators, air conditioners and polymers saturated sugar in mankind and showered salt on the ozone layer.

The invention of the motor engine shook the world up, polluted the air and ‘gifted’ many diseases.

Nowadays even schooling is dependent on technology.

The technological advancement in agriculture ensures food security to humankind, but deteriorates land fertility and the effects of genetically modified crops in living beings are still in question.

The biggest technologies till date are smartphones and social media. It is absolutely convenient to link the world and our loved ones and our well-wishers. But extensive use of these creates addiction and many other personal and social problems.

Whatever we share through social media is like taking millions of copies and distributing to the world. Once we press the send button, we cannot get it back, even after deleting them from the devices of the sender and the receiver, it can be retrieved, it will be in the server of the service provider, they can use it for any purpose because we agree the same at the time of availing the facility. So be on all ears while using social media.

Technologies are developed for the betterment of humankind. But they are like coins with heads and tails of positive and negative. Avoid over exploitation of resources through technology.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Manha Anees
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