Horrors of Animal Testing

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Pain. Pain can be felt in various ways but how about silent pain? It is the one in which one cannot standup against what is causing the pain. A similar kind of pain is being faced by animals that are used for testing.

Animal testing is killing a lot of animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, and so much more. Thank goodness the laws have changed it to relatively few animals commonly used in research. Millions of animals, are sacrificed in the name of scientific research. 95% of all animal testing is a complete waste and just tortures or murders an innocent animal. Over 1.4 million animals die each year from animal testing. It is estimated that more than 100 million animals fall prey to it every year.

Humans and animals have different DNAs. It has been proven that over 95%of drugs that claim to pass the animals test, fail when tested on humans. I think animal testing is okay to some extent. If the testing is not harming the animal and the animal is being treated well, I see no problem with testing on animals. Once there is a risk of harm or mistreatment, it should be stopped.

The pain and suffering that experimental animals are subject to is not worth any possible benefits to humans. Humans cannot justify making life better for themselves by randomly torturing and executing thousands of animals per year to perform laboratory experiments or to test products. Why do we need to kill animals to have a more luxurious life? Animal testing is basically like bullying. We take advantage of a weaker, inferior being. Why would anyone think that testing and killing an innocent, defenseless animal would be alright? We all enjoy the benefits of the results of animal testing but at what price? Shouldn't we, as the more advanced race be more responsible and humble? And for the worst part, IT DOESN"T EVEN WORK MOST OF THE TIME!

I know that at some point in time, we might have needed animals to survive, but after evolving so much, this should not be the case anymore. If we are still using the same methods of cruelty to test consumer products or find cures to diseases, then we are either too lazy or too cruel to innovate a new method.

I am saying this because I believe alternate methods are the future. If we orient our politics to motivate removing animals from experiments, the science will develop into yet largely undiscovered field of endless possibilities.

Why don’t we test on those in death row instead? We aren't in short supply of terrible people. They’re in death row and they’re going to die anyway. If it’s harmless, then we know it works and the death row subject gets another day to live. Instead of letting these useless, horrible people live their selfish lives out we should make good use of them to better society.

The ‘Transition period’ will take some time, but after we will be way better off than if we continue to use unreliable animal experiment data. After all, removing animals from science is a widely recognized principle of 3 Rs - reduction, replacement, refinement. So let's take this principle seriously and start working towards that goal.

In a nutshell, animal testing should be done under high supervision and it should be made sure that the animal is not hurt in any kind of way. If it is, strict actions must be taken place. In that way, people will be more cautious of the products or medicines they make.

Hritika N Kademani
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