My village Kokan

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
Sunday, May 23, 2021

My native place is in Kokan (chilplun) district is Ratnagiri the people of kokan speaks Konkani which is somewhat similar to Marathi language also. Kokan is one of the most beautiful and amazing place gifted by Allah. It is also known as paradise of Maharashtra almost 40% of Kokan region is covered with green forest. The people of kokan are very loving and caring they welcome the guests with their traditional nashtas and their traditional food. The food cook in my village is on fire some people even today cannot afford the gas so they cook their food with help of woods and a rod known as fukni which they try to blow air and make the fire faster. In ancient people use to grind their masalas on the grinding stone called seelbata, even today some people in kokan grind their masalas on this grinding stone. And the masalas made on this stone tastes delicious and yummy. Even though today gadgets cannot make food such delicious and yummy. The life of the people in kokan is very simple and peaceful. The traditional dress of village people of Kokan is women wear saree and men wear shirt with lungi. Kokan is also become a tourist attractions and locations to explore. In olden days there were very less routes to travel to kokan places. People use to travel by waterways by ship called as Jahaz in kokani. The road transport started by bus called as lal dabba or aisti bus then by luxury bus. And then by railways is running now by the express train like kokan kanya express, jan shatabdi,mandovi express etc.

Allah has blessed Kokan with variety of fruits, vegetables, crops etc. People of Kokan live a simple life. The food of Kokan is mutton, chicken seafood and pulses like chawley, amty and chawal ki roti. They eat variety of Fishes, Prawns, and Lobsters etc. The Rice Chapatti and Red chutney is very tasty and mouthwatering. The King of the fruit of kokan is mango (Hapoos Aam) the fruit like Jackfruit (Fanas), Jamoon and berries (karwandey) are very famous. The Kokani people have their special wedding followed with banjo and lejums. The wedding food is cooked with the help of gav ki jamat, with the mutton curry and Brinjal, gav ka achar and papad made by village women. The Nikah is attached with Maher depend on the amount given by groom. The Nashta’s of kokan is very very famous and tasty with lots of varieties. The special nashta is sandan, sakroli, Gavna, roat, Poha etc all these nashta are made with lots of efforts. Majority of people from Kokan works in gulf. And the famous word they have among them is AAmchi aamchi mansa oorkun ghya and this means that you should not forget your people. So all the Kokanis please do remember and keep me in your prayers too.

I love kokan because the life in kokan is peaceful and beautiful and there is no pollution the people are very healthy and strong because of fresh air and the greenery.

The well water is so fresh and clean without any filtered. I love Kokan and would love to stay in kokan always.

I wish to stay in Kokan and follow them and live long and healthy life like them.

Go east or west Kokan is the best.

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
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