The Secret of Enjoyment: Education Through Experience

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

My mom always tells me, work hard in learning, forget enjoyment for now and later you will be the happiest person you will ever know. These words, as I am getting older make more and more sense.

So, we have to first understand why education is so important. What really is education? Is it only about getting academics, basic skills and being a rational? Or is it more than that? And if it is more than that, then, can it be defined in clear words? As far as my opinion is concerned, I would say that education is a process that works for a lifetime and provides every possible experience whether it is formal or informal set up. Therefore, education I believe, is not limited to some books or classes, but more than that.

You can’t make it through life without education. No human being is able to survive without education. Education tells people how to think, how to work properly and how to make decisions. The better your education, the more opportunities and choices you are going to have in life. Above all, education teaches the value of discipline to individuals. It certainly is a great opportunity to make a decent living.

Let me share a brief story depicting the value of education with you. Once a person was passing through a desert, suddenly he heard someone saying, “take some pebbles and keep them with you and tomorrow’s day will bring both happiness and sorrow for you.’’

The man did the same and woke up the next morning when he broke his pocket and found rubies, diamonds and emeralds from it. At that time, he was both happy and unhappy. He was happy because he took the pebbles and was unhappy because he did not choose more pebbles and was unhappy because he did not choose more pebbles. This is also about education.

So, keep the value of education so that we don’t feel sad for the days to come. Education is money which nobody and can be shared with others. It is important to be completely cautious about what we are sharing with others in the form of knowledge, because we are sharing for meaningful and good life, rather than the destruction of people and communities of something will do it.

If education is based on values and policies, which is strong with good moral principles, then our generation will grow as rational beings. On the contrary if education will be established on selfish reasons, then no one can stop that society from falling and there will be chaos everywhere.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we have to give importance to what is important at that moment of our life. As everyone knows the rule of life: to gain something, you have to lose something. If we sacrifice our enjoyment for education, it does cause any harm but rather provides us with ten times more happiness.

Hritika N Kademani
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