Ramadan Kareem

Heba Hasan, 9-B, FAIPS,DPS
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Ramadan also known as Ramzan, Ramdan and Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. "Ramadan"- the holy month of happiness, joy, blessings and sacrifices. Before I start off with my article, I would like to wish ya'll Ramadan Kareem Mubarak to you and your family, may y'all have a blessed and happy Ramadan!

Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar; let me tell you why-:
It was during Ramadan that the Qur'an book was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The last ten of Ramadan (odd days- 21, 23, 25, 27 and 29) are more special than the other days. This is because people believe it was among these days that the Qur'an came down to Earth. We don't know the exact date, but it is widely believed that it is either 25 or 27th of Ramadan. Why it is not confirmed? There is a small story behind this, let me tell in short.

When Prophet Muhammad got the Qur'an, the first person to know about this was his wife, Aisha (R.A). When he told her that the full Qur'an has come down and this day is the best day of the year. Aisha (R.A) wanted to check the calendar, this day was special after all but she started feeling drowsy and slept. When she woke up, she didn't remember the exact date, she said it was 25 or 27. From then, this day has become more special than other days.

As I said Ramadan is a gift to Muslims by Allah where they fast for 31 days. They fast from morning (Fajr prayer) to dawn (Maghrib prayer), basically for 14-15 hours. Just imagine being without food and water for hours. Sounds impossible but they do it! Mashaallah! The Muslims are awarded by Allah but for no they get happy by seeing the food items in iftar. If you don't know what an "iftar" is, it is like our lunch just that it is done at evening after the Magrib Azan(call). An iftar depends on the culture and tradition of the family.

Their are families who eat light, some eat heavy, some may have fast foods but they all have two things in common- dates and drink. It is a sunnah (doing of prophet) that a Muslim should break his fast with a date.)

Ramadan, is the month in which muslims fast from morning to dawn. They fast from the Fajr prayer (morning prayer) till the dawn- Maghrib prayer (evening prayer). Being without food and water for 14-15 hours is not an easy task but these muslims do it without any complaints. These people are awarded with the best food items in the evening during Iftar. If you don’t know what an “iftar” is –it is like our lunch but in that they have food items according to their culture and traditions. Whatever place it be, dates are never forgotten by them.

What do they do the whole day? The answer is simple- when you are fasting for your God, you’re supposed to pray, read Qur’an (the holy book of muslims, praise him and his prophets, angels and the humankind. People believe that during this month, the devil (shaitan) is imprisoned in the hell. Thus, there are very less people who do bad deeds during this holy month.

As I said “iftar” is what people enjoy during this month, personally I adore a sweet dish called Rasmalai. It is made at our house during the iftars. For now, I am going to tell you how to make Rasmalai:
Things you’ll need(INGRDRIEDIENTS)-:
Milk powder(150 gm)
Milk (1l)
Sugar (1 cup-according to your taste)
Egg (1 piece)
Ghee (half tea spoon)
Wheat flour (half tea spoon)
One flat pan
One pinch saffron (zafran)
Some dry fruits-like green pista
How do u make it? –

First take the milk and pour it in a pot, put sugar and zaffran in it and then leave it to boil. In the meantime we will prepare our dough. So, take a bowl .The dough includes of milk powder, white flour milk powder, ghee, egg and white flour. Then mix them well and make the dough. After the dough is prepared, make small balls out of the dough. Let’s not forget about the boiling milk, you’re milk must be boiled by the time. Now put the balls that you have prepared into the milk one by one. After you have done so, leave it for half an hour.

Half an hour later…. Now it is ready but not yet ready to be served. There are some procedures left. Since Rasmalai is a sweet which is served cold, you will have to put in a tray and put in the fridge. Then, leave it there for five hours. When this all is done, you can finally add some dry fruits as your topping and then you’re ready to serve it.

Hope you enjoy this sweet ….. :)

I hope you enjoyed reading, may you have a great day!

Heba Hasan, 9-B, FAIPS,DPS


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