The sacred month Ramadan

Syed Hasan, Class : 6-A, ICSK-Khaitan
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Every year, Muslims around the world anticipates the sighting of new crescent moon that signifies the official first day of Ramadan, the ninth month of Islamic calendar and the most sacred month in Islamic culture.

The start of Ramadan fluctuates each year because the lunar Islamic calendar follows the phases of the moon. the starting and end of month are determined by moon sighting committee in Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan, one of the months of Islamic Calendra’s also part of ancient arabs ‘calendars. The naming of Ramadan is from Arabic root ar- ramad which mean scorching heat. In 610 A.D angel jib reel appeared to prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and revealed QURAN and Laylatul qadr have occurred in Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims aims to grow spiritually and build strong relationships with Allah. We do this by praying, reciting QURAN, making our actions intentional and selfless and from not lying and fighting.

Fasting is not obligatory for ills, pregnant, travelling, elderly and menstruating. fastings left can be made throughout the year.

What makes Ramadan very special?

Holy Quran was revealed

Fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam among five

Laylatal qadr is in this month

Muslims observe I'tikaaf in Ramadan especially for last 10 days

Its very rewarding act to offer iftaar to people who are fasting

Umrah is equal to hajj in this month

If we fast in Ramadan, all minor sins will be forgived

Hadith about the Ramadan

Abu Hurairah said that:

Muhammad (pbuh) said: when Ramadan starts the gates of heavens are opened, devils are chained and the gates of hell are closed (sahih bukhari)

It was narrated by ibn Omar said that: Muhammad (pbuh) enjoined zakat of Ramadan on everyone a sa of dates or barley (sunan an nisaa'i)

Narrated Aisha (R): Muhammad (PBUH) said: whoever died and he ought to have fasted (the left days of Ramadan) then his guardians must have to fast on his behalf (sahih al bukhari)

Abu Ayyub narrated that: prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: whoever fasts in Ramadan and continued it till 6th of shawwal, then that is (equal in reward) to fasting everyday (sahih al – bukhari book -30, hadith -59)

Syed Hasan, Class : 6-A, ICSK-Khaitan


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