Resolution for a good ramadan.

Alia Nazneen MM, Class : IV-D, ICSK-Khaitan
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The month of Ramadan is very sacred because the HOLY QURAN was revealed in this month (on laylatul Qadr). It is obligatory for every able Muslim to fast in Ramadan. In fact it is the 4th pillar of Islam to fast in Ramadan. When Ramadan starts the gates of Jannah are opened and the gates of Jahanam are closed and the devils are chained. If we fast in Ramadan we can increase our faith. Allah gives us extra reward for every good act. Also , in this month if we ask for forgiveness Allah will forgive us. If we welcome Ramadan with a good plan , we can successfully use this time. But some people sleep the full day in the Holy month of Ramadan. Instead of sleeping we can do many good activities and earn more reward from Allah. Here are some ways to spend Ramadan usefully :

We should read the Quran more. We should also understand the meaning of the Quran so that we can follow it.

We should increase our duas.

We should ask for forgiveness because Allah will forgive all our sins.

We should learn more Surahs and hadeeths and duas.

We should listen good speeches about Islam.

We should not see bad things , We should not hear bad things , We should not speak bad things , We should not do bad things.

We should also include our friends and parents and teachers in our duas.

So friends , we should make good plans to spend the Holy month of Ramadan usefully. May Allah Bless all of us.

Alia Nazneen MM, Class : IV-D, ICSK-Khaitan


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