Ramadan -The Holy Month

Mizna Zynab, Class-7, Indian Learners Own Academy
Sunday, April 4, 2021

I always wanted to fast in Ramadan when I was at the age of 7.But my mother did not allow me to .She always said, “You are too little to fast now. You can fast when you are at an age of 8”So I waited for next year to become 8. The first day of Ramadan was joyful and most of the people may feel it .The next two days also went like that. But on the fourth day I vomited. And on the fifth day I accidently drank some water. And on the sixth day I broke my fast before Maghrib, because I could not afford my hunger. And yeah, it went like that, some days continuously fasting, some days accidentally drinking water, some days vomiting, and some days purposefully breaking the fast. On the days I take fasts, I go to mosque and pray Tharaweeh. And when we go to mosque for praying Tharaweeh, we get biscuits, dinars, sweets from the Arabs. We see so many of our friends in the mosque. And we recite so many surahs from Quran in Ramadan. I become so happy when I recite Quran, pray to god and when I do good deeds.

Now, I am in 7th and I am 12 years old and I know how to take full thirty fasts in Ramadan. And after Ramadan comes the festival of Muslims-Eid. The happiest things I love in Eid are that I wear new dresses, see my friends, east sweets and delicious foods etc…


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