Aleena Anna Abraham
Wednesday, March 10, 2021

“Winning isn’t everything, wanting it is,” Ambition if someone asks me what’s ambition? The best answer would surely be something you hope to achieve and achieving it brings more meaning to the word. Most people our age have ambition, and most of them work really hard to accomplish those dreams at a really young age. One great example would always be Julius Caesar, Caesar wanted the crown and didn’t want his hands off it and that shows he had a strong desire for power. Even though he was too ambitious, he never gave up on his dreams.

I was a person who kept on changing my ambition, when I was in 1st grade I wanted to go into the army force, when I was in 4th I wanted to become a scientist and when I was in 7th I wanted to become an IPS officer and when I was in 8th I wanted to become a doctor and like that years passed, and I never held on having a true ambition until one of my teacher from school gave a speech about choosing your ambition and I still remember, and I will always remember that she told us that ambition should be followed down by your passion, and then it hit me from a really young age I loved to write essays and stories and I used to enroll in all elocution competitions, and I also loved studying history because that was one of the subjects I used to score really well, and it was one of my favorite subjects, that credit goes to my favorite teacher Miss. Rosann who made history my favorite subject out of her brilliant teaching. Now let’s get back, my passion for writing and my interest in studying history, and my determination to do everything I can to change the society into a better one and to make truth win now and then, made me choose my ambition, now you might be wondering what it could be, and finally, out of great struggle, I chose my ambition which was going into journalism after high school. My long term goals involved growing with a companionship where I can continue to learn, take on responsibilities, and contribute as much value as possible to my society.

Inspiration must be followed by action, if you have an inspiration and a role model you will surely achieve it. Dream well and have confidence in getting it and if you can help someone in achieving their goal in life it’s the best gift you can give someone. The biggest key to success would always be 'NEVER GIVE UP', be ambitious, and have confidence in yourself. If you follow your heart and dreams you will surely achieve them and let's hope that I will finish my goal and be proud of myself.

Aleena Anna Abraham
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