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Aleena Anna Abraham, IIK Young Reporter
Thursday, February 18, 2021

Home is where our story begins, the place where we were born, the place where we are hoping we won’t leave, the place where we would love to live for an eternity. Kuwait, this country is where I was born and where I am being bought up, and I don’t think I would love to leave it because it’s given me happiness, memories and so many other things. Before we head to Kuwait and Indian relationship, let’s talk a bit about Kuwait's history.

Do you know that there have been 21 wars in Kuwait? The biggest war that most of us are aware of is the Persian Gulf War between Iraq and Kuwait, and with all the power Kuwait’s government and citizens held their hands up and won the war and that day was marked as Kuwait independence day also known as Kuwait liberation day but did you know that in the year 1961 when Kuwait was under British protectorate and his highness Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah bought independence to Kuwait and June 19, 1961, was the actual day Kuwait was marked as an independent country and we celebrate the Kuwait National Day in honor of Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah's ascension(1961) to the throne and his death 15 years later. Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah has dedicated the honor of a national holiday because of his critical role in the attainment of liberty for Kuwait during the British protectorate. Have you heard that Kuwait was the first Arab state in the Persian Gulf to establish a constitution and parliament? Indians have been in Kuwait for years, and most of the workers are Indians, and most Indians do work with Kuwaitis and each of them respects each other's caste, religion, nation equally. There are more than 10+ Indian schools in Kuwait and there are a lot of Indian communities in Kuwait. Coming down to religion, Kuwait is a Muslim country, but even though they have given us the freedom of religion, we have churches and the other religions can freely engage in religious activities, without any restrictions. And all the Indian schools do teach the students about Kuwait history and we are aware through our KSS (Kuwait social studies) readers that India has been a trading partner of Kuwait and until a period of time, Indian Rupee was the legal tender in Kuwait.

And let’s hope this relationship will go through the decades to centuries. As I end this article, I wish you all a very happy liberation day [??? ????? ????] ???? and let Kuwait achieve greater things in the future and let the relationship between Kuwait and India strengthen more day by day.

Aleena Anna Abraham
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