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Aleena Anna Abraham
Monday, February 8, 2021

“A BOOK IS A DREAM THAT YOU HOLD IN YOUR HANDS.” Books are something that takes us to an unexpected place if it’s Harry Potter they take us to Hogwarts, if it’s Shakespeare’s books who know where we will go, it’s surely a place where there’s a tragedy, Romance, and Action. Books are packed with knowledge, insights into a happy life, life lessons, love, fear, and a lot more. One can read about anything under the roof. Books have been here for centuries and without them, today’s knowledge of our past ancestors, cultures, and history would have been impossible.

Books make us happy from one part and sad from another part. Books are meant for imagining unexpected things. And of course to increase your Imagination. Shakespeare who was one of the greatest writers of the English language made his Stories in an unexpected way with lots of Twists and of course who doesn’t like twists. Every book lover will have that one quote “I wish, I never find my way back.” When our life has sad moments, and it’s all those books on those shelves that will bring a curve to your lips. Robert Arthur’s books make us also investigators and at times the way the story ends, and we imagine ourselves as those writers who want to change the end part.

The funniest part is when we read a book on page 600 and say it finished off fast. Then, how can we forget O Henry, his stories sparkle with wit and Humor and had often surprise endings. Writers who make the story wonderful and more creative without those authors like Williams Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Robert Arthur, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and so on. It instantly takes us to another world where we are left with the characters of the book. Books will surely exist till the end of the world.

Only books can feel our happiness and sadness, the real joy or happiness of reading a book cannot be expressed in words that can only be felt when you read it. By reading books you just flow into the world of imagination and feel like a character of the story about which you are reading. Never stop reading a book as when you read a book you will always get something new that can be informatics and valuable in the future.

I’ve always wondered how the world would have been without books? I mean, me being a reader as well as a writer can’t even imagine it. The time I spend reading books and even writing chapters at night was surely one of the greatest things that I’ve done after Corona had been declared. And the only thing that kept me entertained during quarantine was books, books, and books. Haven’t you wondered how we could get through classes without having literature a day? The only class I liked and like, was and is History and English, English because of the way my teachers taught us the subject and because I was interested to listen to short stories by great writers.

I still remember spending time with my Harry Potter novels rather than studying and getting a scolding from my mother, but it was worth the read. The amount of knowledge each book has given me is limitless, and it’s because of the book I myself can write books. And I’ve personally written my experience in my books, a writer puts in his efforts and his life experience in their book when they don’t have the courage to open up in public.

I am seriously out of words, but before I end this I would like to say, Read, Read, and Read until you die.

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