Heart Throb of Clouds

Nishitha Ann John
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Slow or Fast, Soft or Fierce,
The drops you showered weren't just drops!
Whispering sweet life lessons and thoughts,
The hug of yours encloses us in a warmth,
A warmth which cannot find a new donor.

Not long back,
all the rain lovers did was to get drenched.
Rubbing the upper arm due to the sudden gush of wind,
They held a smile which would last forever.
The same smile could be created again and again,
Over and over with the glimpse of memories.
The harsh scoldings which followed never mattered.
Because the sweet whispers still echoed in our ears.

But now, the conditions have changed!
But the love remains pure and unconditional.
After a moment of silence,
The arms are outstretched through the small space.
Receiving every drop which a small palm can hold,
There is a perfect bliss !
An inner bliss and relief no camera can capture.

Sometimes, the type of drops aren't one!
There are two types of drops on the face.
When the second drop appears,
There is a rare merging of drops.
The story behind the second drop involves many emotions!

Waiting until you come,
there is no anger but pure patience,
A patience whose result is much sweeter,
Sweeter than any materialistic thing in the world.
The lovers are waiting and still wait for its magic to work,
A magic possessed by every feature of rain.

Nishitha Ann John
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